Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What One Man Can Do.

What can one man do?

Ted Turner has made his mark as one of the most influential philanthropists in the U.S.His foundations are actively addressing some of the world's most important issues and are supporting projects that will help to guarantee a stronger and safer planet for future generations. 

The Turner Foundation, founded in1990, supports efforts for improving air and water quality, developing a sustainable energy future to protect our climate, safeguarding environmental health, maintaining wildlife habitat protection, and developing practices and policies to curb population growth rates. 

Also in 1990, the Captain Planet Foundation was founded to educate and empower children on how to make a positive impact on their own lives and the health of their communities.

 In June1997, the Turner Endangered Species Fund was established to work to conserve biodiversity by emphasizing restoration efforts of endangered or imperiled species on the Turner properties.

Turner is the second largest land owner in North America owning nearly 2 million acres in six states. Turners son,Beau has also become personally active in protecting the environment and educating youth at his conservation center in Florida.

What one man can do. (Deutschendorf)

I suppose that there are those who’ll say he had it easy
Had it made in fact before he’d even begun
But they don’t know the things I know
I was always with him
It may sound strange, we were more than friends

It’s hard to tell the truth when no one wants to listen
When no one really cares what’s going on
And it’s hard to stand alone
When you need someone beside you
Your spirit, your faith must be strong

What one man can do is dream
What one man can do is love
What one man can do is change the world and make it young again
Here you see what one man can do

As shaded as his eyes might be, that’s how bright his mindis
That’s how strong his love for you and me
A friend to all the universe
Grandfather of the future
Everything I would like to be

What one man can do is dream
What one man can do is love
What one man can do is change the world and make it new again
Here you see what one man can do

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